Press Releases : July 2012

60,000 Bogus Students Could Have Entered the UK Last Year - Government “have bottled out on bogus students”
As many as 60,000 bogus students could have entered the UK in 2011 alone. This is the conclusion of a study by Migration Watch, based on the findings of a Home Office pilot scheme which were published… [Read Full Article]
July 24, 2012

Comment on Today’s 2011 Census Release
Commenting, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: "This census confirms the impact of mass immigration on our population. We now find that even the official numbers previously understated… [Read Full Article]
July 16, 2012

Removal of Students from Immigration Figures
Commenting on press reports that the Prime Minister is considering removing students from the immigration figures, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK said: "Removing students from the… [Read Full Article]
July 9, 2012

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