Press Releases : January 2008

In response to a request from the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee who are investigating the economic impact of immigration, Mig
Commenting on the government's earlier written evidence Migrationwatch chairman, Sir Andrew Green said that once again the Government had failed to make a convincing case for levels of immigration which… [Read Full Article]
January 14, 2008

Migrationwatch issued today January, 7 a commentary on the Item Club "Special report on migration and the UK economy" released on 18 January, 2008.
Said chairman Sir Andrew Green: 'This report is very far from an objective assessment of the issue from a body which openly favours "open doors to economic migrants", despite the highest levels… [Read Full Article]
January 7, 2008

UK benefits system linked to immigrant workers says report
Evidence that the system of social security benefits is one factor in attracting large numbers of foreign workers to the UK has come from a new study out today. An in depth analysis of the operation… [Read Full Article]
January 2, 2008

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