Press Releases : December 2003

Credibility of Government immigration figures challenged
The credibility of the Government's immigration statistics and the use made of them has been questioned in two reports out today from think-tank MigrationWatch. The first report concerns the population… [Read Full Article]
December 22, 2003

Asylum Bill measures 'long overdue'
In its comments on the Asylum and Immigration Bill think-tank Migrationwatch said the measures were 'long overdue.' 'For too long asylum seekers have been able to exploit every opportunity for delay,'… [Read Full Article]
December 16, 2003

Government signing 'blank cheque' over euro immigration and asylum policy...
Britain is in grave danger of signing a 'blank cheque' on immigration and asylum and handing control of this sensitive issue to Europe if current proposals contained in the draft EU Constitution are accepted.… [Read Full Article]
December 1, 2003

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