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Border chief urges more reporting of sham marriages
...registrars in order to tackle the influx of people exploiting the immigration loophole, accroding to the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and...
ITV.com (25-Jul-2014)

Untying the knot of 'sham' marriages
marriages The crackdown on sham marriages that sidestep British immigration controls will falter without proper Home Office support Telegraph.. .
Telegraph.co.uk (25-Jul-2014)

MPs urge greater powers to stop sham marriages
...(HAC) warned more needed to be done to stop what had become an immigration scam "industry". HAC pointed to the number of suspect couples being.. .
ITV.com (25-Jul-2014)

Sham weddings increasing at an 'alarming rate' say MPs
...industry of deceit in the UK which uses sham marriages to circumvent immigration control. "The estimated 10,000 sham marriages appears to be...
BBC News UK (25-Jul-2014)

£1.7m a month to house migrant families
...almost tripled over four years, the data reveals. The figure for all migrants unable to pay their way in the UK has doubled leaving hard -pressed...
Express.co.uk (25-Jul-2014)

Sham marriages rising at 'alarming rate'
...are rising at an alarming rate and pose a threat to the UK s immigration control, MPs have warned. The Home Office is failing to do enough to ...
Express.co.uk (25-Jul-2014)

Mass immigration squeezes wages and pressures housing, says new report
Mass immigration squeezes wages and pressures housing, says new report MASS immigration from other European Union countries has squeezed wages ...
Express.co.uk (23-Jul-2014)

Just 90 fake students out of 50,000 have been deported
...answer sheets or using imposters to sit tests. Yesterday Immigration Minister James Brokenshire told the Home Affairs Committee that his staff...
Express.co.uk (23-Jul-2014)

Bournemouth needs extra 1,800 school places
...numbers is expected - due to both an increased birth rate and immigration . The plan to increase secondary school places will be discussed by...
ITV.com (23-Jul-2014)

Curb EU benefit tourism, Whitehall told: Report finds growing concern among Britons about access to …
...they feared it was too critical of the EU. Pro-immigration Business Secretary Vince Cable has claimed that increases in migration are a good ...
Mail On Sunday (22-Jul-2014)

Home Office's 'flagship' £350m immigration computer system ditched
Home Office's 'flagship' £350m immigration computer system ditched National Audit Office says IT contract failed to deliver, as it discloses...
Telegraph.co.uk (22-Jul-2014)

Theresa May under fire over backlog
...May moved to deal with a string of fiascos by bringing immigration back under ministerial control and boosting resources, a public spending watchdog...
Herald Scotland (22-Jul-2014)

Channel 4 spark row with new series Immigration Street
Channel 4 spark row with new series Immigration Street THE television producers behind the controversial Benefits Street are set to provoke more...
Express.co.uk (21-Jul-2014)

Legal aid fund avoids large bill after ruling on asylum appeal
...- gone the other way. The proceedings centred on two asylum seekers based in Scotland who successfully appealed against a decision to remove ...
Herald Scotland (21-Jul-2014)

Calais migrant arrests double in one year: More than 7,000 illegal immigrants try to sneak into Brit…
...town. Her deputy, Philippe Mignonet, who is also the port s immigration chief, said in December that Britain needed to do more to address the ...
Mail On Sunday (19-Jul-2014)

Romanian finds new life in Britain 'tough'
Romanian finds new life in Britain tough The UK's first Romanian immigrant following the lifting of visa restrictions on New Year's Day is finding ...
Belfast Telegraph (18-Jul-2014)

Killer cannot be deported on human rights grounds - because he was born out of wedlock
can now take his publicly-funded case to stay in the UK to an Immigration Tribunal. Tory MP, Dominic Raab, said: "It beggars belief that the...
Express.co.uk (18-Jul-2014)

Bogus bride and groom arrested in Leeds before wedding
...marriage in Leeds. Five people were arrested after Home Office immigration officials swooped before the ceremony was due to begin at Leeds Register ...
Yorkshire Evening Post (17-Jul-2014)

A quater of all babies born in the UK are to migrant mothers
A quater of all babies born in the UK are to migrant mothers MORE than a quarter of babies born in Britain last year were to migrant mothers ,
Express.co.uk (17-Jul-2014)

Bulgaria's fence to stop migrants on Turkey border nears completion
...border with its southeastern neighbour Turkey as it tries to cope with asylum seekers, its defence minister said on Thursday. By Stoyan Nenov...
Thomson Reuters Foundation (17-Jul-2014)

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