A List of Migrationwatch Research Documents Published in 2006

Achievements 13.3
Date issued
8.11 The distinction between asylum seeker and refugees 24/06/2006
8.8 Asylum and Immigration Nationality Act, 2006 05/04/2006
8.12 House of Commons Select Committee on Constitutional Affairs 10/04/2006
8.13 Sham Weddings - High Court Ruling  18/04/2006
8.14 The Refugee or Person in Need of Internation Protection (qualification) regulations 2006 23/12/2006

Migration Trends
9.00 Guide to Migration Papers 04/11/2006
9.19 Evidence to the House of Lords on EU proposals for illegal immigrants 11/01/2006

Cohesion & Other Papers
10.14 The effect of immigration on the intergration of communities
in Britain
10.16 Oldham Five Years On 31/08/2006

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